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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Google is investing in Robotics companies

Google bot with arms up

Google quietly acquired seven robotics companies, and the appointment of the original Android project leader Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin) is responsible for the robot project. According to media reports, probably in a few years, you'll see Google robot car drive to the scene of the delivery to the user.
However, this has also put forward different views. Massachusetts Institute of Technology "Technology Review" (Technology Review) web editor Will Knight (Will Knight) yesterday wrote that he doubted whether Google will be so full of sci-fi ideas.
Knight believes that unmanned vehicle project and the Google Android robot project should be similar with the previous. In other words, the goal of this project is to help Google dominate the data coming into fast-growing markets. 
Google did not "invent" that technology, when Google entered the field of unmanned car when most car manufacturers have long been studying the automation of the system, and academic researchers have made significant progress.
Google saw the development of the automotive industry and realized automation, developing telematics and communication technologies will lead the field of data. Since almost all of Google's profits come from the data Google decided to enter the field.
As most Americans spend at least a few hours a day driving, that data can help Google to learn more about the user, in order to better improve their products.
Similarly, Knight believes Google's decision to develop a robot because it is found to be more intelligent and safer. New generation of industrial robots is developing rapidly, and the robot will affect those people's work and life.
No matter who is able to develop control and management,  robot software can get double the benefits. One can obtain wealth by selling software, it also can get large amounts of data with the people living and working closely related.
From that point, Google robot project to determine its objectives that "organize the world's information" is correct. And the amount of data in this increasingly networked world, the organization of information means that people's lives every aspect can be organized.  Fortunately, Google may soon be able to build a robot team to help it so everything is well organized.

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